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5 tips to choose an engagement ring

5 tips to choose an engagement ring

You’ve heard it before, no doubt – this can be both the easiest and most difficult process all at the same time. We’re here to walk it with you every step of the way. Come armed with some of the following and it will all be smooth.

Have your budget planned
What are you looking to spend? This is the necessary starting point (oh, and forget that pre-millenial  adage that it needs to cost at least three-months’ salary). Come with a ballpark price range in mind, on this we base our material and stone selection and you don’t get any unforeseen surprises later on.

Know your diamonds
Know what the ‘4-Cs’ are? No? No problem – read a bit more about the stone of love and how these are graded here. This will help you build toward a more informed decision.

Tell us what she already wears
The design process is where things get interesting and fun. What is it going to look like? A good starting point is the jewellery she already wears (as in, what are her tastes). Think classic or modern,  dainty and sophisticated or a bit more robust. What metals does she prefer? Does she have any allergies? Coming to us with photos of her current jewellery can make this a lot less intimidating and easier to describe. Remember, you want to pick a ring that suits her style, not yours. Here it is also important to give us a good description of her lifestyle – is she super active in terms of sports and working out.

Does she have a design in mind?
Has she hinted at certain styles – perhaps in magazines or on the fingers of friends? Browse styles on Pinterest together (careful to not lose your element of surprise here). Or, get her best friend to dig a bit… Images – whether from Pinterest or photos of actual pieces, help us a lot. We will combine this with the photos of her current jewellery to design a unique piece.  

Know her ring size
If she wears rings, sneak one out of her jewellery box. Make sure you know what finger she wears it on. Measure the inner diameter with a Vernier caliper and send that to us. Or, put it on one of your own fingers and make a pen mark where it sits.

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