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Five unusual (but totally useful) tips for matching jewellery to your clothing

Five unusual (but totally useful) tips for matching jewellery to your clothing

We often spend hours fussing over the perfect outfit, whether subconsciously or actively thinking about it. A date night, friend’s wedding, office Christmas party or even a job interview. Even what we’re going to wear to work tomorrow…

To complete that outfit you need the ideal combination of accessories. Here’s how to choose your jewellery:

  1. What is the occasion
    Okay, so this is not (too) unusual, but it is the foundation for creating an ensemble. The earrings you wear to work (subtle, understated, classic) would not necessarily be the same as those you wear for a night on the town (think dangly, more flowey and just a bit louder).
  2. Earrings maketh the face
    Speaking of earrings, aside from make-up (which is given, but oh so technical – lookout for a post on matching make-up and jewellery soon) earrings make or break your face. As just how good it looks…Choose carefully and your eyes will pop beautifully. As a rough guide: Take your face shape into account. More hearth-shaped or triangular – straight drop earrings. More oval – look at studs and triangular earrings to show off their cheekbones. 
  3. Create balance
    Small little cocktail dress requires dainty earrings and a thin, understated necklaces, bracelets and the like.  If you’re wearing florals or bright colours go for more solid jewellery with cleaner lines. Wearing thick winter coats with boots and snug, heavily-stitched items? Don’t go too intricate and fine in design. 
  4. Notes on neckline
    A necklace should compliment the neckline of your dress or top and not fight with it. If you’re wearing a deep V, accentuate your cleavage with (pendant) necklace. If you’re wearing a higher (crew neck style) top, wear something shorter or layer your necklaces. (While rings are our biggest output, we design necklaces, bracelets and all manner of other jewellery to suit your style)
  5. Match it up (but don’t)
    Clothing designers and stylists have a deep scientific regard for the colour wheel when it comes to complimenting colours in clothing. According to the colour wheel warm and cool shades blend both ways. To roughly paraphrase the science: Darker blue and green gemstones pop when matched with a orange or yellow outfit. 

BONUS – Diamonds are always a good idea
No really, they go with everything.

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