Design Process

Here at Zanry we make a great effort to provide personalized service to each individual client. By simply booking an appointment with us, you are one step closer to that dream statement that represents a special part of who you are.

During our design process we take you through a few design steps:


First we share a few pictures and pieces with you so see what style of jewellery you would like to wear. With that information we are able to determine what shapes and sizes you would prefer aesthetically. It is very important to pin point a style that one is leaning towards as some people like a more modern style, others prefer antique style jewellery, some dramatic, others dainty and some a combination.

After our separation from our complimentary meeting we will design a handful of pieces and present them to you to think about so you can make a clear decision on what it is you are going to be spending your money on.

With each design process we delightfully share our knowledge with our clients so that you are able to make an informed decision.

As soon as you have provided us with your choice of statement piece to manufacture we will the proceed and start the process. This usually takes anything from 7 days to 2 weeks subject to availability as during busy times it does take on the longer side due to full schedules.

We look forward to meeting you and have high hopes that you will choose Zanry jewellery design and manufacturing as the trustworthy creators of your dream statements.

Added services

We at Zanry do not only specialize in the manufacturing of fine jewellery, we also do repairs on broken jewellery where possible, we take in old gold for credit so that you could get a cash back or even remake a piece of jewellery for you at a low or no cost depending on the credit amounts.